Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is a mixed media piece I called "One Heart". Any romantic can figure this one out. My husband thought it was a woman with a split personality. He cracks me up. MEN! Anyway, this has been my weekend project.

Well, one of them. I have been working on Cody's room. I took off the border and started painting. I'm painting the room a "Bitter Green".

I'm so excited about how this turns out. Quite a change from Burnt (Texas Longhorn) orange. Heather was worried Cody would be mad but I already discussed it with him and I got permission! I think when I told her we would make it a girls tv room she was concerned that maybe we would not have a place for Cody. Cody knows that is his room! Always! We won'tfru fru it up too much.

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Stacey said...

Yay for you--you get your own space? Kelly's going through the same transition...I swear you two are peas in a pod! Maybe that's why I like ya, FAQ! xoxo

PS--nice work up there. I'm soo out of my league on creativity!