Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I woke up this morning thinking about Tuesday. Tuesday is kind of a "nobody" kind of day. Yet, she is still present and ready every week to do what she must do. She is not the first day of the week-, she is not even the first day of the work week, she is just kind of there....quietly doing her job to make the rest of the week work. Does anyone get excited about Tuesdays? Probably not I'm guessing. She is not like Wednesday "hump day" the middle of the week when we say to ourselves..."I'm almost there....just two more days until Friday!". Oh, to be Friday. That is the famous day of the week. But no, she is o.k. with being Tuesday. She is humble because she knows....She knows that without her, the week would not function correctly...Friday would not get here. Saturday and all her glory would not exist. So, she continues on, from week to week and comes to us in all her plainess and lack of brillance and shine.

Some of us are like Tuesday. We may not shine above all the rest. We may not be that glorious special day of the week...the celebrity "Friday" or the famous "Saturday" but we exist. We are as important as any day of the week or anyone in this world. Because, without us, the world would not function as it is commanded. We are here for reason. Don't ever question that. You are a precious and unique human being always growing in wisdom and love...always doing the best you can to contribute positively to this world. Did I mention that you are FANTABULISTIC?

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Stacey said...

Ya know, I picture Wednesday as a guy. Wednesday is a guy. Yup. No doubt.

You're in, you're in , you are in the drawing for the custom CD, which is about the best thing ever.

I'll work on my portrait and have it posted before I leave. xoxo

PS--go click on my right list and find Kelly...she's soo into altered art, she would love to hear from you and this is truly a contest you need to tell her about.