Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blog Contest Giveaway Self Portrait

Well, I just can't be outdone by Ms. Stacey who is fantabulistic. So, I am going to host a blog give-away too. Here is the deal. The objective of this contest is to stimulate ideas about who you are. Who are you? What is the definition of "you?"

  • In order to demonstrate or define "you" first post a link to this site and
  • send me a link of to the "self portrait" of you.
This can be a drawing, a photo, some type of poem, prose or anything that you feel defines you. This contest will be hosted by me until August 31. On that day, I will choose my favorite self-portrait. I am looking for unique, fearless, and bold entries. You may enter more than once.

This particular piece was created with colored pencils and pens and water colors on a 9X12 piece of water color canvas. It has a black matte on it that gives it a nice touch. Though this lady does not look like me, it is very symbolic of the real me. I love my naps...I love the dress because it reminds me of Klimt art and I love the colors. So, good luck and spread the word. Sept 1st a winner will be announced!


Stacey said...

Ohhh you drive a hard bargain FAQ! However, I'm in! I'll get it done Wednesday--tomorrow is travel to youth camp then type! Hmmmmmm....I don't. know. if. I. have. any pictures!!!! Hmmmmm what to do???? xoxo

Cat said...

Hmmm this sounds really cool! I think I am in also!!!

I might be able to find something to us.

Funky Art Queen said...

OK girls, I'm waiting for your self portraits! Hmmmm.

Stacey said...

Here ya go, FAQ...these things take time. But you knew I wouldn't go off to Branson and not get this entered because I kind of like the concept! xoxoxoxo

Oh, link up to
(as if!)

Sharon said...

I can't let Stacey be the only one to enter your contest! So, I'm working on one. Love the idea BTW

Kelly said...


I've created a self portrait for your contest. Stacey already knows I will win, so don't feel bad for her!

Here is a link to my blog:

I love what your are doing with your art--love the piece that reminds me of "The Kiss".

Stacey said...

Yeah yeah yeah, it's true, FAQ. I even helped Kelly upload this self-portrait and knew when I saw it I was up a creek, lol. xoxo

Jen Leheny said...

delurking to say hello. I embroidered my portrait recently - it is here: from Jen in Australia