Sunday, August 26, 2007

Frida Kahlo and Mother Teresa

What do they have in common you might ask? They are human! Today I saw a news story about how they have recently discovered through some journals kept by Mother Teresa (declared a Saint) that proved her doubt in God. Even though (before she died)she explicitly asked that these journals not be shared, the catholic church has released them so that we can further oogle and judge her. It does not surprise me that she expressed doubt and depression at times...has anyone ever read anything about her work in Calcutta? She was stronger than I would have ever been! I think she is saintly simply because even after all of her works and self deprivation of material things, she still questioned if she was good enough. She called herself a "hypocrite". Hmm sounds pretty human to me. And yet, she kept doing her work of taking care of the poor and sick.

A rich and pampered woman once went to Calcutta because she wanted to work with Mother Teresa. First Mother Teresa criticized this woman for wearing such nice clothes and make up. Later when this woman asked, "where do I start?" Mother Teresa was quoted as saying, "Start with the one closest to you". Does anyone remember "my God why has thou forsaken me?"...AND HE WAS GODS SON!!!!! Give her a break! Please! Sorry, I have always loved Mother Teresa and what she did with her life. When she was very young, she left a wealthy family to go and take care of the sick and poor.

About Frida. How could these two women have anything in common? They were human! All of a sudden, I hear that in 2004, they uncovered some of Frida's journals and have discovered some things about her that we did not know.,2933,288152,00.html She actually played with puppets! Wow, she had a playful side. Again, not what we understood this sometimes dark and sad woman to be.

What these two women had in common is that they kept journals. They chose to write about some aspects of their lives in their journals. But, it has disappointed some to discover the women were not exactly as we had "painted" them over the years through various media. Some people are disappointed because they thought they had these two iconic women pigeon holed into certain characters. But, you must consider this. They only wrote in their journals what they knew might possibly be read by others. There are still things that only God and they understand about their lives. That is why I wonder.....why do we think we must judge others


nancyb said...

I never knew they kept a journal...they were both great in others is the haters and the non believers that have to go and depict their lives apart to find something wrong with them because that they find it hard to believe in others...and in actuality it is rather they don't believe in themselves so they got to pick on the angels of the world to make themselves feel better. So what if they had things about them that were either different or did not portray the "perfect angel" and who in the heck is perfect anyways! By no means am I judging those people. We have no right to judge others but only to accept them for who they are...To me there is only one who will judge me and that is when I leave this world...I could care less what others think of me and the only thing that matters to that I use the gift I was given and give it back to the world and my higher power...and to do as I should do while on this earth by taking care of me and mine and be who I am... :)

Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks Nancy! We both are on the same page on this issue!