Sunday, August 26, 2007

Announcing winner of Self Portrait contest

I'm announcing the early end to my Self Portrait contest! I's early but I have not received any other entries in a while and I think I made it too long anyway. OK, This is the winner by Kelly! It is busy, colorful and true journal art. I wonder if Kelly keeps a creative journal? I love to do that.

My second runner up is Stacey with her wonderful digitally altered photo of her self. All us women/Moms are a little crazy like that Stacey! Heehee

Thanks to everyone who participated! Kelly, I am going to submit the picture you won in an upcoming artshow so as soon as that is done, I will send it to you. Stacey, you get a surprise runnerup gift! I will need both of you to send me your address. HUGS!!!! AND KEEP BEING CREATIVE!


Stacey said...

Hooray! Kelly is pretty darned talented! (taught her everything I know, you know!)

You can get my address off my CD envelope. xo

Sharon said...

Congrats to Kelly and Stacey! I guess that's teach me not to procrastinate until the last minute :-)

kelly said...

Whoohoo! Yeah! I don't think I've ever won anything...

I'm so excited. Yes, I keep a creative art journal. Besides writing, I dabble with the art thing, and love, love, love it! Sometimes it's more therapuetic to draw than write.

I'm getting a digital camera soon, so I'll be posting some more of my art projects.

Thanks! I'm so excited!!