Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Week In the Life of a Funky Art Queen

Here is a quick summary of my week since I have not blogged that much. I will do my best to only highlight the big stuff.
Sunday-Cody was on day 2 of being home from college. We had a pleasant and restful day. That evening he was going out to see his girlfriend and I knew that was pretty much it for his visit with us. So, I went to hug him and had one of those Mama breakdowns. Yes, one of those sniffy, tear filled moments that leave the male child wondering if his mother is totally nuts. He gave me the proper hugs and comforting words and that was that. Husband was like "what was that all about?" (Rolling my eyes now). Monday-Craig and Cody head for Midland Airport at dark thirty and get Cody on the plane. Apparently there was good father/son conversation along the way. Back to the work week! Tuesday-finished the purse I intend to send to Somerset to hopefully be strongly considered for publishing. I worked on a notebook to organize all my art stuff. Bought a Midland paper on the way to work and discovered a call for art for the Big Spring Art show. Very excited about this so my mind went into the creative zone to determine what I will enter. Wednesday- Took off from 7-11 with the gas thingy (hose?) still in my car and detached it from the pump! Caused the manager of that store to freak. She made me wait while she called supervisor. I thought I was going to have to pay millions of dollars for that thing. Luckily she and another employee came out and told me it was o.k. that it happens all the time and that it just snaps back on. (Shew---sigh of relief). It was the topic of many laughs at work since I shared this little story. I had a great spiritual conversation with my friend Marisa which prompted me to get out my "Purpose Driven Life" book and start reading it again. I only made it through a couple of chapters last time I began reading it. So I read a little of that every night after that. (if anyone has read that book and wants to discuss it let me know because I have some questions).Thursday-My sister arrived! Yay! We had a wonderful visit at home and then we ran to Wal-Mart to get a few things. Fun with my sister. She is here until Sunday I believe. Friday-Mama got here! Heather and I went out to dinner with Mama and sisters and an Uncle and (there were 9 of us all in all). We had a wonderful time together. Then my sister came over and we watched a movie called "Premonition" which I did not like because of a disappointing ending! Then she went to my Dads to stay. Saturday-Son should be home later this evening and so I hope all the family can get together to visit -barbeque? Hmmm-So that it my week in a nutshell! Hope I did not bore you too much.
About the self portrait contest. I have received two entries-thank you Stacey and Kelly. I have received two other statements of intent to enter by: Cat and Sharon. I hope I can get a few more entries! I have enjoyed this so much that I am already thinking of my next contest. I'm going to keep my word and run this contest until the end of August but I believe my next contest will only run for a week! Oh boy!

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Stacey said...

Dark thirty! Like that, I'm gonna steal it from ya. Somerset? Is that the blog catalog Kelly has been telling me to look at Barnes & Noble for?

I did indeed do the PDL series with our church. I have heard many many success stories, one man I know turned his life completely around! However I (don't throw things at me) didn't like it much. I was distracted by Mr. Warren, he had a used car salesman kind of feel about him and it took away from his message.

Have a beautiful day with your Cody. xo