Sunday, January 04, 2009

Meet Mrs. Fru Fru

Meet Mrs. Fru Fru
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I would like to introduce you to Mrs. FruFru. I created her today. Once again, I was inspired by Renea my dear friend. Her recent interest in all these fabric photo people..... I probably would not have stopped long enough to notice if Renea had not pointed them out to me.
So, I just had to try and make one. I created Mrs. FruFru in a relatively short amount of time today.

Now, I'm going to share a tutorial with you on how to create your own fabric family. Please go make some! The FruFru family would like some company in their town. They run the little General Store in FruFruVille. Papa FruFru will make his grand entrance soon as will the children!

  • First, find a vintage photo that you really like that would make a good little Frufru person. Make sure that there is not too much detail in the outline or you will curse this piece of art while sewing and stuffing!

  • Now follow my old tutorial on printing on fabric here. I used muslin but most cotton types work here. Think pillow slip or sheets in terms of type of fabric .

  • After printing, cut your fabric photo out in a square or rectangle and cut another piece of muslin/or cotton that is equal in size to the photo fabric piece-for the back of the top .

  • Now you need to decide on a fabric that you want to be the lower part of the doll's body.

  • Use your photo fabric piece to decide the width of the "skirt" or bottom fabric. I am not precise at all so I just used the top photo fabric to determine the size of my skirt. I then cut two pieces of the contrasting "rose print fabric" as you see in the photo here.

  • Right sides together-Sew the photo piece to the skirt piece and then the back of the photo (the muslin) to the back of the skirt (more of the rose material)

  • After some thinking and pinning, unpinning and looking and thinking and deciding.....I finally decided to pin face to face of both of the pieces and to sew around the head and flowers as best as I could (with the sewing machine) and then down the side seams leaving the bottom open for stuffing.
  • After stuffing the little lady with the "cluster stuff" I then whipped up the bottom seams together with a blind stich. I tied a pretty pink satin ribbon around her waist. She is done. Now she just waits for her husband and beautiful children to arive on the train.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Ohlala, she is sooooo adorable. Great job! Love ya, Renea

studioGypsy said...

she is beautiful! ;) will have to try this myself. thx for the tutorial! ;) looks fun!