Friday, January 23, 2009

I finished this piece of art tonight. I really enjoyed the process on this one because I discovered a new technique that I love for distressing. I remembered when I was in school a teacher taught us to make little faux leather boxes using masking tape and shoe polish. Did any of you ever do that? You cover the entire piece with little pieces of masking tape and then you "paint" the piece with brown or black shoe polish. So, (I'm just taking you on the creative process that goes on in my brain) I thought I would like a frame for my little paperclay hearts that looked like red leather. That was the initial thought anyway.

I covered the frame with masking tape pieces. Then I painted it with red acrylic paint. After that dried, I thought it needed pearl or white in all the crevices to create an antiqued look. When I started rubbing the white in, the red rubbed off in places. I loved the distressed look this caused so I went with it and continued with several layers of paint and rubbing off in areas. I coated the piece with two coats of varnish. I added the checked paper for the inside background and added my little paperclay heart inspired by KadyHope. I purchased three beautiful little clay heart magnets from her and I just had to make my own larger versions for my assemblage pieces. Go and check out Kadys work, scroll down to see her little clay houses! They are so precious!

I'm looking forward to a lovely art filled weekend and I hope that you have a lovely weekend as creative and loving in all you do. HUGS




Lisa said...

i love it! it is just so cute! the black and white really sets it off! you have such talent and imagination! i have been messin with my blog - OMG. changed templates but your help was great and very successful! love ya girl,lisa

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh honey, I love this sweet heart. I too love your imagination. Miss you! love ya , Renea

Susan said...

I'm not familiar with the masking tape technique, but I have seen something similar done on furniture with crumpled up brown grocery bags. Turned out very nice. Take care. Susan

Anonymous said...

paper that sounds like a fun inner child thing to do.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

So happy so SWEET sew U.

You make me smile, you do.

~me :)

Anonymous said...

SO glad you like the hearts....I like yours, too!! I am loving that framed heart....super-sweet!! Thanks so much for your kind words. :)
Have a lovely weekend!!