Thursday, January 22, 2009

Art Event in Fort Worth

I'm so excited because Lisa over at Wild Over Wine pointed me to this event that is taking place in Fort Worth on April 25th this year. They are calling it the Spring Fling. We (Wild...,Pocket....and Me) decided we were going to participate in this show. So, we have all applied and been accepted...paid our money and committed to a weekend in Fort Worth. Yay! So, we are all making stuff as fast as we can to have plenty of product at the show. If nothing else, it will be a girlfriends weekend! That is something to get excited about. Truly, I need something like that!
I'm making tons of soldered charms for this event. This evening I finished up several with dried flowers or leaves inside....kind of floating with no background. No pics yet....but soon.
It is so warm here in West Texas. Almost kind of strange how warm and mild our winter has been. Even though this is how I wish it always was in the winter, it seems strange that we have hardly had any cold weather.....or moisture of any kind. The ground is cracking and dust is flying. We need rain, snow, or any type of moisture. Please send some rain prayers our way. You know it's bad when our local newspaper's headlines are "Pray for Rain". Appreciate any prayers sent our way.


Kim Mailhot said...

How wonderful that you and your pals have found an event to all work towards together ! Girlfriends rock, don't they ?!

Sending big wet moist prayers doen your way - you could take a little of our the time it got to Texas it would surely be rain ;-) ! Praying for safety for everyone too !

Lisa said...

Prayers coming your way. Love the new heart assemblage!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

this sounds like sew much FUN! You girls are all knockouts and will do SO GOOD! Folks'll come runnning..


Debbie said...

I just wish I was close enough to attend.