Monday, January 26, 2009

Heart to Mom

Here is another one.....I love these things. Hubby and daughter picked the perfect heart to go on this. I had planned on using a yellow one but they liked the red one better. I love the contrast of the red and yellow here! Anyhooooo, it is available on Etsy now.
I had a pretty good weekend and I suppose I will go back to work and leave all my art here! Sniff sniff. Like my mother used to say, "it's a shame that I couldn't be rich instead of some damn good looking". Heehee

On another note, my friend Lisa and I were talking about the magazine/book "Where Women Create". It is this scrumptious book filled with photos of fabulously organized and beautiful "studios". I just think it would be funny to do a "spoof" on that and have women like me show our "studios". But, not when it is clean and organized. It should be a photo of when you are in a fit of art making and have several projects scattered around. Maybe a shot of you with your jammys still on in the middle of the afternoon with paint and glitter on your hands. It think we should call the spoof "Where Real Women Create" or "Where Women Really Create". Oh well, just a thought. Happy Monday!


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Lesley !

Your heart pieces are turning out so beautifully !

I agree with you about the play spaces - mine is only tidy when I am having company over or when I am about to begin something really new and clean up first or when I realize that I only have six inches of space left on my 8 foot table to work at and I need to clean ! And pj's or sweats are definitely the studio attire of choice ! I am a Real woman, after all, a Real Messy One at that !!

Happy MOnday and I hope you have some more play time asap !

Anonymous said...

Yes, love the red and yellow!

i've taken pics of my 'studio'...and it aint pretty!!! and the best creating is always done in my jammies. ;)

Happy Day!!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I just love these little framed hearts, so sweet, and I like the red with the yellow, great contrast. I think you should host a contest "where real women create" and the winner would be the messiest studio etc. HeeHee! Have fun, will call you later, Love ya, miss ya, Renea

Lisa said...

oh girl! is your studio ever clean and organized! just kidding. i know it has been once or twice. these people really don't know me so i better be nice. love the new piece! the red heart was a good pick! they did good. later....lisa