Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Printing on Fabric Tutorial

I was asked to do a little tutorial of the printing on fabric method. Remember, I got the idea from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine Issue 5 -pg 72. The article was about making fabric journals but this is what I gathered from it. I'm currently working on another purse. Here are the printing instructions.

  1. First get your supplies. You will need ink jet printer, a piece of card stock, masking tape, scissors, and a pencil. You will also need a piece of white or vanilla colored cotton fabric, ironed and ready to go. The pencil is to trace around your card stock for a pattern for the paper. You will want to cut the fabric a little smaller than the card stock so it will be flush with the edges. You will need to have a picture on your computer ready for printing.
  2. Next, begin to use the masking tape to tape the material to the cardstock. Keep it flush with the edges. Do all sides like this making sure the tape is smoothed down and smooth in the back. Now place it in your printer either face up or face down whichever your computer demands. Mine has to go in face up-the material side is showing here.

Pick out your picture on your computer and print it onto the fabric. Then look at what you did!

After printing it out. Take off the masking tape and heat set the printing with the iron (no steam). Now it is ready to cut out and fuse to your art work. I stamped mine with acrylic paint, and stayzon stamp pad and some different stamps to give it more design and texture.

Please email me with any questions!

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MARYBETH said...

great tutorial! i look forward to the semesters end so i can immerse myself in all things hand made!