Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wine Bottle Decor


So lets say you are taking a bottle of wine to that dinner party or that celebration. Wouldn't you like to bling it up a bit? Wouldn't you like to leave a little keepsake for the hostess? I have enjoyed making these and I am thinking of all kinds of ideas for the upcoming holidays.
Oh, I also finished my next broken china blue willow charm bracelet. I sold the first one the day I listed it. So that got me excited. I thought, oh maybe this is it! This is that one thing that I will sell, sell, sell! Heehee So, of course I got started on bracelet number two and listed it today.

I have to tell you that Renea, Lisa and I have been talking a lot about the catch 22 phenomenon that occurs for the creative entrepreneur. One of us, was commissioned to do several pieces of work much like one she already created. While she was thrilled and excited to make these big sells, it some what removed the creative joy....You know, doing the same thing over and over. I have read similar situations from other Creative Entrepreneurs.
So, let me ask you this? What would you do if you received a custom order for 100 pieces of the very same piece? Could you manage that or would it become a drudgery? It's like the old saying "Be careful you may get what you wish for". You just better be prepared is all I'm saying.


Susan said...

I have no problem with this question. I answer you simply, "I am sorry, I do one of a kind creations, only". That's probably why I can never sell anything, I like the finished piece so much I keep it and then I go on to the next thing. Could it also be that no one would ever ask me to do this? Perhaps. I could never be a cartoonist, because I don't think I could even draw the same image over and over. That's just my nature. I'm probably not the only one like this. We creative ones are a funny lot, aren't we?

Jennifer Conway said...

Love the wine necklace - it would make a great present for my wine loving cousin!

Just this morning my friend and I were talking about how much I don't enjoy "slaving away" at making multiples of the same thing......but if I got an order for 100 pieces, I'd take it in a flash! I'd just be grumbling quietly to myself when I reached 70.....

Lisa said...

love the bracelet. you are such a good solderer. i think you have many niches. i think you're wine necklace is so cute and original. maybe i need to have a little get together so you will bring me one!
can't wait to see the comments on mass production! hope to see you tomorrow. love ya lisa

Anonymous said...

We are a rat bag bunch, us artists. I guess i would be so happy I got the order, the glow would last till about the 50th. Then boredom would set in. Then it would become like a meditation. Besides, we are original artists, not machines, that is what people pay for, the sheer scarcity of the object they purchase. Hand made goes with limited supply, that is the essence of creativity. If they want 100 tell them to go to china.

Carolyn said...

I want the business, but commissions are not fun for me.
The biggest commission I had was reproductions of 8 paintings I had done in the past. I did not enjoy the "task" of it, but the $ was good, and it beats my old retail job!
:c )