Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday's Ten Tiny Things Challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone! I think it is time for a challenge. I challenge you to find 10 tiny things and group them together and take a picture of them and post them to your blog. Tell us why you picked these ten particular things. Come back here and comment and give me a link to your blog/photo. I will pick a favorite and post your pic on my blog. The winner gets one of my tiny pieces of art. It is a surprise! I will give you all week-until next Tuesday!
As you can see, I posted my 10 Tiny Things Picture. All of my items have to do with the written message. There are words,symbols,and numbers. The rock was a gift from my sister Rhea. I received it in the mail last week with an awesome handmade journal that she picked up in a fun little shop in Durango! Thanks Rhea!!

Meanwhile, don't get hung up on details....just find 10 tiny things. Your definition of "tiny things" is entirely up to you. It just has to be one photo of all of these things. FUN STUFF!!!! Now go find stuff.


Kim Mailhot said...

This is fun ! I am off to gather ! I will be back !

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Your Majesty !

Okay so I did your ten tiny things challenge. Then I read the instructions throughly and saw that we had a whole week ! I am a teacher and I forgot to read the instructions all the way through!!!

Anyway, here is my post!

Sarah said...

what she said! ^ :)

fun fun fun....off to find stuff....will also be back :)

(probably at the weekend though when I am home in decent photo light)

Funky Art Queen said...

yay, two participants thus far. Please invite your blog friends too. The more the merrier. I'm hoping to get plenty of pics so I can create a mosaic of all of our entries. Hugs to all

arlene said...

Me! Me too! I did it...mine is here:

That was a fun challenge, and brought back great memories. Thanks for the idea!

(I linked you on my blog post.)
xo arlene

Lisa said...

this is so much fun! will seek, find, photograph and post!

Lisa said...

ooo..this is fun..i'm off to seek, gather, photograph and post!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Okay Missy, I did my homework! Got the 10 tiny things posted. Just wanted to let you know. So be sure & check it out. Love ya sweetie girl, Renea

Dawn said...

Hey Funky!
What a fun challenge idea. I've posted my 10 tiny items to my blog. You can find it here:

Runs With Scissors said...

cool challenge!,
here's my go at it.

carolyn said...

Cute idea! I hope to be back with an entry this weekend!

Janet said...

I just put mine on my blog:

This was fun!! I might even find more!

Jennifer Conway said...

OK - I took the challenge too! It was so much fun! ~thanks!


Amber said...

Here's my link to the 10 things challenge.


(on my blog)

This was fun. Thanks bunches.

nancy said...

Well, I arrived here today and the week is over! do you do a challenge every week? I'd love to try one. I'll check back and see.