Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My New Design Blog

I started this blog called "I Must Share This" some time back and just dropped it. Recently, I have decided to bring it back.......A RIVIVAL OF SORTS!!! In addition to my art blog, I wanted a special place to share new and interesting things I discover. If you are a creative spirit, you can come here for eye candy and to learn about new and interesting things in the creative and design world.
I already have two lovely ladies lined up for interviews that will appear on the blog very soon. So, keep your eyes open and ready because I can already tell you it will be a treat! Now, I have posted an entry there today to get you started. Please check it out and any input you give is appreciated. I MUST SHARE THIS


BlueJude said...

Love the new blog...very cool! I enjoyed catching up on your posts and as well as my other blogging buddies and just realized I've been wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday. Well, that's all good and nice- except that it is Wednesday! lol So Happy Wednesday! There...I got it right!

arlene said...

Sounds great! I must read this!
xo arlene

LarryG said...

gee i like your 'eye candy'
as my friend wrote so enthusiastically

"pay attention - be amazed - tell about it"

you got that going on here :)