Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things Wrap Up

Oh my goodness! I had such fun with the Tuesdays Ten Tiny Things Challenge. I enjoyed everyone of your entries. Every one of you is a winner of some sort. So, just read below to see how you won! But first let me say thanks so much for doing this. You know, life is short, and we sometimes do silly things to fill the time....and sometimes, there are special people in the world that help us to do that. Thanks to all of you. It's the "little" things that matter. That being said, Congratulations to Amber for winning the overall challenge of "Most Creative". Please email me your address so you can receive your tiny piece of art by me. Now...
  • Queen of Arts (the other queen) First Place for Quickest Entry! She was so excited to do this challenge that she did not realize she had a week. However, I think she did darn good in such a short time and she was the first entry. I particularly liked the lizard! Thanks Oh Mighty Queen! I'm doing a bow right now.
  • Amber at Recycled Realities wins first place for most creative. IT was quite a hard decision but when you read her blog entry for that collection...you will understand since you are also a creative person. hers is the two hands at the bottom holding the objects. Please go and read her entry.
  • Renea at Pocket full of Prettys: Wins first place for most romantic and sentimental. Again, you have to go and read her entry on her blog. Hers is the fist pic in the middle row with the angel. Her and her husband have been married over 27 years. They are still so in love! Thanks Renea for sharing this.
  • Sarah at Sashibala's Creative Meanderings: gets Fist Place for most inovative. She took her pic while at work with her cell phone. I also loved her little joke about the corporate world. I totally understand Sarah....been there done that! Hers is the pic of thumb tacs.
  • Bea at Creative Sandwich: gets First Place for most creative writing. I loved her blog entry for her pic. Her pic was great but I enjoyed her writing and humor. (middle one top row)
  • Janet at Lavender Loft: First Place for Hardest Working and Having the MOst real miniatures on hand! Wow! I love all her little things. Thanks Janet for participating and giving us two entries! Love it!
  • Jennifer at Jennifer Conway: First Place for Most Inspirational-It just sent me over the edge to see her little gnome and I decided I had to have a fairy house. Thanks Jennifer!
  • Dawn at Art of Humogenous Proportions: First Place for most colorful entry. Also, I loved the elf and the spool of thread made me think of my grandma. I love my grandma so much. She was a seamstress for the public. Hugs to Dawn!
  • Arlene at Art De Me: First Place for Most Naturally Creative: For sharing her collection of stones/rocks shaped like hearts. I know Renea (Pocket Full of Prettys) will love this collection. Yay Arlene!
  • Running With Scissors: Fist Place for Most Exotic and Interesting Collection. I particularly like the Pagoda and then the tin man. that little spiky round thing? Hmmmmmm wonder what that is. We should have a contest to identify that! Heehee
Again, I enjoyed this challenge so much. Thanks to all who participated. Please note that the above list was done randomly and without regard to level of bestestness (is that a word?) Each entry was equally awesome. Please let me know if I messed up links or photos. It is harder than it looks to organize a challenge like this! Love My Blog Girlfriends and Sistahs!


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I know Lisa did a ten tiny things, I bet she forgot to leave you a note. Oh well...I know she was busy being a commissioned artist after all! HeeHee! Love ya, Renea

PS Mr.B. is back in the Air National Guard, to swear in next friday! (thank God)

Amber said...

Wow!!!What a fun contest....and what wonderful groupings of interesting things. Thanks for challenging me to think and see things in a different way. You should have seen me walking around the house picking up teeny things from here and there and really looking at them instead of just flying by. All of the collections were so creative....colorful....fun. Thanks again.

Janet said...

This was so much fun!! Thank you for thinking of it. I have to admit that at first I thought I wouldn't have anything to contribute but then I started looking around the house and found all kinds of things!

I think all the entries are great!!

Funky Art Queen said...

It was fun....can't wait to do another some time soon. Thanks again to all who participated!

Kim Mailhot said...

Thanks again so much, Lesley, for this fun challenge ! It is so cool to see all the different entries and their different "personalities" shining through ! Great job with all the organizing - I am sure it was a big task !
Cheers, my Queen !

sashibala said...

Yay! It was fun to see all the groupings together in a mosaic like that and how we all "won" in one way or another. :)

Thank you for hosting this challenge (even if you did forget an R in my first name ;) )!

Runs With Scissors said...

I think that the spiky thing *might* be off a chestnut tree,but who knows?.

thanks for putting on this cool little challenge!.


arlene said...

Your challenge was so much fun...and seeing all the other tiny things that people treasure was even more funner! (Sure that's a word!)
It IS the tiny things in life that matter most, right! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, and for letting me play along!
xo arlene

Sarah said...

I so wanted to play along with this but time has totally run away with me this week - boooo. Will revisit when I have some time to link back to everyone's entries and read about their tiny things :)