Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I suddenly find myself drawn to all things "typographic" or "fonts". I found these coasters on Etsy a few days ago and I have had them on my mind since. So, this morning, I decided to just get them for myself. I can't wait to get them. Here is the Etsy store that I purchased them from. She makes these often so if you like them, she probably has more. If you want to see more typography stuff, go and have a look at all the favorites I listed on My Favs on Etsy.
I want that "All the Words Bird". It is so cute.
I'm no design expert, but it seems like letters are everywhere and on everything for decorating your home. I think they add interest. I purchased some little glass balls with letters on them yesterday to put in a little iron birdbath as an ornament for a table. I just hope I don't go overboard. It will look like a school house! Heehee.....well I just wanted to share that with ya.


Carolyn said...

these are cool! i don't know what it is about letters and numerals that make them so appealing, but I just love 'em!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day, I hope your's was nice!

Melanie said...

Thanks for posting about my coasters.

I don't think you can have too many font-inspired things in your house. I'm obsessed with them, too.

Jenn said...

Love those Lesley!!! Thanks again for including me in your beautiful treasury too!! xoxo...jenn

BlueJude said...

Great Coasters! thanks for sharing. I love fonts. We have different ones...metal...wood to hang about and I also have these GREAT big Wooden circles, with number 2 and number 1 carved in them. Very cool. Will have to post a pic, now. (:
Happy Tuesday!

Lisa said...

love em les. they are so cute! you could teach art ya know.