Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funky Art Queen Update

Hello blog friends! Yes, I'm still here. I took this self portrait yesterday. I was going to send it to Cody via snail mail with my letter but hubby thought that was a bad idea so soon in the training. So, you get it!

It has been a great week so far. I have felt so much better since we got a call from Cody on Friday of last week. He sounded so upbeat and happy. That did me and Craig so much good. Cody said he is the assistant dorm leader and he feels he is one of the best marchers. He told his father that he is appreciating life so much more and not just "sitting on my ass". He sounds pumped up about his Airforce training and that gave me such comfort.

I continue to work on my metal, soldered, and found object jewelry. This is a picture of my current works in progress. I spend so much time on each piece trying to decide what it is I am trying to say and how I am going to say it. I love going through my box of metal found objects and old jewelry pieces to put each piece together. I have such amazing friends. Last week, Kim gave me a large zip lock baggy full of her old, broken, discarded jewelry. Then, today, Renea and Lisa gave me another huge bag full of discarded jewelry pieces. I have so much junk to turn into treasure. I just can't say enough about my dear friends. They spoil me.....really I don't know what I would do without them.

OK, now I must give you the Chandler garden update. I really wanted a huge garden this year....but we just could not pull it together . So, I have my container garden again this year. Here are pics of my tomato plants and my jalapenos. I have cillantro in the front yard in barrels. So, we have everything we need (except for the onions) to make an awsome salsa.


Carmen said...

What a great picture!!! You are beautiful! And your new metal pieces are awesome! Love them!



Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey sweetie girl, I so enjoyed our visit today. Love to chat with you & get caught up on everything. You have to go to Lisa's blog, it is histerically funny. She had 2 glasses of wine & was telling stories. Too funny! Her site is wild over go check it out. You will laugh! Got to go. Talk tomorrow! Love ya, Renea

mr said...

oh, you dear! great picture! you're too, too cute! :-)

Janet said...

Great photo of you. And I love all the pieces you're working on. Isn't it nice to have friends who don't think you're nuts when you enjoy getting junk as a gift!

I have done container gardening and had great successs with it. I even had carrots and cucumbers and lettuce. I thought it was fun.

Gaby Bee. said...

Wow, your metal pieces are absolutely stunning. Love them all!

PLO said...

I have had much success with my container gardening...sometimes a big garden is so daunting. I love your jewelry pieces you are working on, especially the Frida pieces! But my favorite part of this post is the lovely photo of you, you georgous funky art queen.