Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jewelry Crazy

OK, this all started with an interest in making metal art/found object jewelry. I bought all kinds of stuff to do metal art jewelry and I have made some pieces. Then, as usual......I start bouncing all over the place with different ideas and media to make jewelry. I have made some more fabric beads this weekend and I can't wait until they cure so I can make a necklace I have designed in my head. It is going to be bright and fun! Here is a metal piece that sat around with this guy on it for a while. I finally felt the desire to finish it last night. I called it "Date Night". My friend Kim and her husband (they are still newly weds) have a "date night" almost every Thursday. I think that is a wonderful idea. We should all have that. I hope they keep it up. (The other side is an old vintage to a movie?)

A couple of weeks ago, I got to visit the Trinity (Midland) highschool's Photography class. I was invited to come and teach about ATC's. So, I decided to introduce them to the Tim Holtz (Ranger) alcohol inks. I knew those kids would love them and I think they did. I did a little demonstration and they all got to make some ATC's. Here are two of the many pics that Nina (Ms. Noel) took of our class.

Here are their ATC's. I enjoyed working with this group of kids. They were very creative .


Carmen said...

Oh, how neat!!! I'm loving all your metal creations. Those kids came up with some really neat ideas! I love the one with the child riding the fish!

Janet said...

Cute necklace, and the ATCs are great. I'm sure working with those kids was a lot of fun. They have such enthusiasm.

Rhea said...

You are so talented! I know you loved teaching that class! Love you, Rhea

Lisa said...

Les, you didn't tell me you did that! you are such a great person. so talented and good throughout. i love the cards the kids made. teach me teach me! keep up the good work! lisa

Amber said...

My daughters art class did ATCs for the first time this year, and I sent over all the ones that I have collected over the years (and some clear plastic sleeves for theirs). They were very appreciative. It's so great that you got to go into the classroom. What fun!!