Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Catch Up

I have not blogged since Tuesday! It has been so busy this week. Work was busy, I had family come into town, and I had a special event to attend Friday evening. So, today, I can slow down a bit and see how my blog friends are doing and give you a little update. I don't have family pics yet because everyone took pics but me! What is wrong with me? So, as soon as I get some I will share.
Family: My sister Rhea, and her husband came down from Farmington, New Mexico. My mother and her husband came from Chandler, Texas. So, we all decided to get together at our house and have hamburgers on the grill. We kind of made it a going away party for both Cody and Rhea and Jesse (her hubby). Cody goes to bootcamp on April 14th. Rhea and Jesse may very well be moving to the Middle East for Jesse's job. Hopefully, if they do go there, they will get to make a track back here for a final goodbye first. We had such fun over here last night. Though my house is so small and we had, I believe, 13 people in and out of it....we managed to eat delicious burgers from the grill outside and joke and laugh and remember good old times.

Gala: This is a picture of all of us at the American Heart Association Gala! Me, Craig, Joe, and my dear friend and adopted sister; Kim. This was the first time Joe and Craig had been around each other and they just had the best time. We all enjoyed ourselves.

Art: I worked on this altered book last night a little and came up with this page. I've been planning this page for a couple of weeks. I love it. This book is the shape of a house. It was a book about dolls. I have worked on this book for the last couple of years. It only has a few pages done. I am making this book mostly for me. It is an exploration of self. On this piece, I used a transparency of a photo of a door to create the "window" look. I don't know if you can glue transparencies, I used eyelets to attach it. Does anyone know about glue with transparencies?
My workshop for the girls is Wednesday and I'm excited about that. Well, that is your update. Maybe I will blog again this evening if I can get any art done today. Hugs and Happy Sunday.


Carmen said...

This page in your book is awesome! I don't know about glue on transparencies. I bet you could use a gel medium to glue them down and put a gel medium over the top as well. The eyelets look great though!

Have a great week!


Susan said...

Oh, you folks look great. I'll bet the men were quite proud to have such lovely ladies on their arms (they look pretty good themselves). Love your altered page. I'll bet gel medium would work, it dries clear. I would think two-sided tape would work well also. More things to try! Anyway, I love the shape of the book. What a find. Thanks for sharing such a nice piece.

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Oh girlie, Love the house. Sorry I only had time to look not read all of your post. Will try to read tomorrow. But I think this is one of the best pieces you've done!! Love ya, Renea

Anonymous said...

Lesley, You look just gawgess dahling! Love your black dress. You look great in anything...dammit! LOL Keep inspiring me! I've almost convinced myself to clean out my craft room and make something! I love to check out your latest creations and try to figure out what all goes on in that artsy mind of yours! Hugs, Michelle