Sunday, March 09, 2008

New Art on Etsy

This is my newest piece! I named it "Herding Cats". I did this piece on a 9.5"X9.5" piece of wood. It is a mixed media creation. I placed it in my Etsy Shop today. It would make a bright and fun piece for any room!

OK, I woke up this morning sore as heck from yesterdays redecorating. My shoulder is very sore on the right side and I'm thinking I exercised that side really good so that my boob on that side is going to be a little bit perkier than the other. So I will have to use the other arm today as much as possible...heehee. My legs and butt are sore from getting up and down from the ladder and I'm tired! Wah Wah! Sob! Now, I can't decide if I've got it in me to get back to it or wait until next weekend and give myself the day off. Hmmmmmmm. We will see.

Meanwhile, the weather was very nice yesterday and it appears as though it will be nice again today. Spring is a time of renewal and refreshing. I have really caught the redecorating bug and I see that many of my personal friends and blog friends are in the same mode. My friend Renea at Pocket full of Prettys inspired me to love all things birdie this year. I created this little arrangement on an antique window turned mirror. I found out that Renea bought this same bird the same day I did. Great minds think alike! The little birdhouse was made by my sweet friend Marisa's husband. He stained it and added little shingles. It is lovely to me. I made the little wooden robins egg and the cup was a present from a couple of coworkers from several years back.


BlueJude said...

LOVE the new piece and the birdie shelf too! I just added some new Hair Accessories to my etsy shop. Hoping the'll sell, tho maybe I should open a second shop for them. Anyhoo...have a great Sunday!

Susan said...

I love this colorful cat piece. Move easily and quietly, use the soreness as an excuse to have lots of "me" time. Hugs.

Jenn said...

Love your funky cats:):):)
Hope you are feeling better today!

Michelle said...

I wanna see pics of your progress! More pics please! I need inspiration over here!!! Hugs!

Carmen said...

I love it!
Do you know how to promote your shop in etsy?
Any tips?

PLO said...

Great piece! I am so in to the birdie thing right now. Birdies can be everywhere if you ask me.