Monday, March 17, 2008

Etsy Success

Tonight, I am going to tell you how to use the Etsy Mini function on Etsy. That will produce a little advertisement of your Etsy shop on your blog. It is very easy.
  • First sign on to your Etsy and get to your shop. Look at the bar on the left side. At the very bottom is a link to "Etsy Mini". Click on that. Fill out the information and enter all lines. Then you will see two boxes of HTML code. You will need the first one for blogs. Click on your CTRL key and C to copy.
  • Then open up your Blog by signing in. Go to customize which is on the top right as a choice to click. After you click customize, choose "add a page element". Then, click on the one that says "HTML/Java Script". First type in the title of your shop. Then press CTRL and V to paste the HTML code you copied earlier to this box. Save and go see your work on your blog.
  • YOu should have pictures of your art from Etsy on your blog. This image should go right to your Etsy shop! Remember to consider where you place this on your blog. You can move things around on your "customize"window.
I want you to know I don't profess to be the expert here. I'm just studying this topic so I can improve and hope to share some gem of info with you fellow bloggers so you can have success too. Something I have been thinking about tonight is the idea that we have to consider our market. Each one of us, though we are all artists, have a different niche. Like me, my work is kinda funky, bright and whimsical colors. I often make jokes about when I do art fairs/booths...regarding how I can tell who will like my art when they are walking by. I always say it is the ones with funky colors in their hair or something edgy about them. Point being, we could possibly do better by finding those who have a taste for our flavor of work. So, I need to think about ways to reach my funky/punky market.
You may be a little more classical or shabby chic...or whatever. Think of ways that you can better reach the people who would be most attracted to your work. I'm going to think about this and I would love to hear some input on this topic. Remember, this is a learning experience for all of us.
Tomorrow, I want to discuss unique ways to market ourselves. Be thinking of that. How can you get the word out about your store? Are you telling your friends, family, and strangers about your shop? Get ready for some ideas on this topic. Hugs to everyone and good luck on your Etsy.


Chrissie Grace said...

Love this topic. I am trying to "grow" my etsy business too, so I will make sure to read all your entries.
By the way, you won an etsy give away on my blog. Check it out and send me your address so I can mail you a print. Thanks for leaving a comment!
Chrissie Grace

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Girl you are always thinking, that's what I love about you! I would love the market my art better. So I'm all ears, oh I guess I should say eyes. Ha! Love ya, Renea

Sacred Snatch said...

Great tutorial! I'ma give it a try. I just need to get my lazy arse to posting. I have stuff all over the place and I keep telling myself, to post already. (my store is getting stale)

BlueJude said...

Looking forward to more tips as sales have been slow. Thanks for sharing and HAppy Tuesday!

Carmen said...

These tips are great! Thank you for doing this. I've not decided to sell anything at this point, but if/when I do, this will be mucho helpful!!!

I love the collage you have on here today too. The depth is great!



rhea said...

Ok, you knew I would be thinking about this even though I am of the other side of the brain....could you do a little gorilla marketing via email? Maybe send an email to everyone in your address book and ask them to forward to everyone and their address book and so on and so forth and offer in the email a 5% discount to anyone who purchases something through that email. They would of course have to send the email to you for proof but that is one way to get it out there and an interesting way to see how far everyone's address books go. I will keep thinking though! Love you, Rhea

Funky Art Queen said...

Good ideas everyone. Thanks for your kind comments.