Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mixed Media Time to Grow

We actually got a little sprinkle of rain today. We really need it out here in the West. Yesterday, we had another big grass fire out North of town. Craig and I drove out to watch and our neighbors drove behind us. That is how you know you live in a boring town....we all go to see the big fires. There were a bunch of us parked out on the side of the service road of I-20.
Today was nice. I rested, arted, cleaned and freshened up the house. I was able to finish this piece....I created the background the other day when I did that tutorial on texture and glaze. To me, this is one of my better pieces lately. The texture in the back ground makes me think of the much needed rain. I'm also thinking it is time to till up my garden. "Happy Easter...Easter Bunny--- Bach Bach". That is what my little sister used to say. I think it used to be on some commercial. So now, we all say that when we call each other and wish Happy Easter.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hey girlie, saw the living room, looks so pretty. Good job! We got a little rain this afternoon too. I wish it would rain a little more. Hugs***Renea

Susan said...

I think the commercial was for Cadbury's Easter egg candy and she also was dressed as a baby chick and flapped her arms and made that chicken sound, bach, bach, I used to think it was a hoot.
I lived in a small town and we followed fires also. As long as you stayed out of the way, nobody cared. We helped keep the rest of the town informed before we had the internet.
Love this new piece. It's beautiful.

PLO said...

She is lovely. I cannot stop staring at the lovely ATC you sent me...keep it up girl!

BlueJude said...

The piece is FANTASTIC!! Love the colors and simplicity. When you have a minute stop by my blog and check out some new good news! (: Thanks and Happy Tuesday!

. said...

I love her and the colors the most!