Monday, September 24, 2007

Shadow Box Art

This is a shadow box I finished today. It was inspired by my Grandma. It is all about her. Well, not all about her, but some things. It mostly focuses on the fact that she was a seamstress. However, there was a lot more to her then that. This is just what I was thinking about at this time.

The old sewing machine is actually one of my first transparencies sewn over a pattern piece...see it peaking through?


Stacey said...

FAQ, this is neat. My friend Kelly will love this--she's always doing things like that.

I received my BEAUTIFUL piece of art today, Leslie, thank you so much! You are full of talent, and it's clearly visible in that piece. Big smooches, FAQ. xoxoxo

rhea said...

Love it! Grandma would like it too! Love you! Rhea

Anonymous said...

Catelyn is the sweetest person you will ever have the joy to meet.All we ask is that you keep her and kim ooh and dont forget casey,mathew and the baby in your prayers and god will do the rest we love u all...robin,courtney,kayla hunter and randy