Saturday, September 08, 2007

Paper Flowers Art

I went to "The Little Bizaar" in Midland yesterday in desparate search for some inspiration for my Italian style thank you luncheon I am doing for some of our top accounts at work. I can't think of anything...can you believe that? Usually, I can come up with all kinds of fun and theme related things. Anyway, I told Debbie (the owner) and she suggested the little paper flowers and vases like she made. Then she told me the reason the little paper flowers and vases she had made had been out of the store the last month because they were being photographed by "Scrap and Stamp". Her flowers made the cover! She is so talented!!!!

So, I got totally off track and had to make some of these flowers. I don't know if I will use them for my Italian themed luncheon. We will worry about that later. I made three differents vase/pots of flowers. I did not have the patience to make the cardboard vases like Debbie. But, after two trips to WalMart, I finally had everything I needed to make the paper flowers. NOW...WHAT DO I DO WITH THEM? I may use them as center pieces at our luncheon. We will see.

So, really, I am very pleased with myself that I was able to stay focused to complete the paper flowers though not completely per Debbie's instructions (page 16-18 of Scrap and Stamp magazine). But, once again, I find myself totally off the topic and still needing some fun/creative ideas for our Italian style luncheon for this Friday. So feel free to share suggestions! PLEASE!


Carolyn said...

the flowers are darling!!!

Stacey said...

No Italian ideas, but not gonna skirt around this...those are beautiful!!!!!!!!! Love your work, my friend, you have a pinky full of talent. xoxo