Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Journal Art

Just some doodle art I did in my moleskin journal on our long drive to see Cody in Irving. We had a happy and short trip. We took his sweet girlfriend, Nadia on the trip so they could see each other. Oh, young love.
I don't know what to do next in the art world but I was inspired lately in a couple of areas.

  • I noticed an article about transparencies in one of my art magazines. I want to try them in some type of collage.
  • There was a picture in our hotel room that really inspired me. It was a grid with about 4 rows across and 6 columns. Each area had an interesting type of paper/very textured with a small collage on it. It was just really interesting and I have to try something like that. I'm digging the grids lately.


Anonymous said...


looks like the bluebird of happiness, dear lesley...

we are all looking forward to your next project!

grids rock. go, girl!

Stacey said...

Can't not like the bluebird--I used to call my sister Jamee Jaybird, so I'm kinda fond of them! xoxo