Saturday, September 01, 2007

More Yard Art

I discovered this cute little craft on the Michaels Craft web site. The pond and all of the little creatures were made with little clay pots. I just wanted something else for my front porch. So, now I have the fish, and the little pond. It was a fun little diversion.

Well, the art show reception was today and I went. I did not get any awards but my art is up there and that is cool. There was some beautiful art at the show. It was nice to meet some of the local artists.

Cody made it home and he is sick. I think he has the flu. All he wanted was to lay down and get some nurturing from his Mama. We were going to cook out for him but he does not have an appetite. We will just do soup tonight. He did say he only wants tomato soup if it is "MiMi's". Yea, I will just drive to Mama's and get him some of that. HEEHEE-Hope he gets to feeling poor baby boy! Gonna be a Campbells soup night! Don't forget to get your flu shots-they will soon be available!! Be watching out for that. Can't help's the nurse in me.

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Stacey said...

Ohhh, feel better Cody! Nothing like a momma when you're sick. Not that it's good he's sick, but if he had to be sick it's good he got sick on the long weekend home.