Monday, September 10, 2007

altered tin

I've made a couple of these but I think this one (in terms of quality) is the best. I think that by using the pasta machine my clay was just the right thickness. I'm proud of the outcomes of this one and I am encouraged to try another...but one can only eat so many mints!!!! Heehee. Send tins if you would like to help!

The instructions for this project are in the "Design Originals...Can Do Craft" book No. 5137.


nancyb said...

Gorgeous tin Lesley! I will try it someday when I am not so addicted to paper! ;o) If my dh buys any mints I will tell him to get the tins and send them on to you! xo

Carolyn said...

Wow, it looks great!
(you could always keep the mints in a zip-lock or a jar to free up the tins when your are on a creative roll!)

Kelly said...

This is great, Lesley! Is it polymer clay?

I love it!