Sunday, May 13, 2007

Polymer Clay Weekend

I had an artful, creative, and relaxing weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day! I worked on these clay tins on and off all weekend. I'm mad because they won't cure quick enough because the weather is humid. I want them to dry so I can post them to sell on Etsy or Ebay. I don't want to try and sell them until they are dry and ready!

My family got me three Richard Gear Flicks for Mother's Day. I have not watched any of them yet. I like to delay the satisfaction. He is my sweetie....besides my husband of course. Anyway, Cody got me a dozen beautiful white roses this morning for Mother's Day. He hugged me and told me he loved me which meant so much to me.

Things are bitter-sweet lately. My son is graduating from highschool in less than two weeks. He goes off to college in a month or two. I am scared to see what life will be like without him here all the time. What will we do? Hmmm......In one way, I look forward to the peace but in another way, I worry about his safety and happiness. I just want him to be ok. I have thought a lot about making him a little booklet-like a recipe booklet with references to all the problems that could possibly occur along with soluti0ns to fix them. Like, I already bought him a hide-a-key because he has locked his keys in his car many times.

Am I crazy? Am I too controlling? I don't know how he will make it. I guess he will just have to learn everything by "default" as my sister says. Afterall, isn't that how I learned about life?


Stacey said...

I stumbled upon your blog--I love it so much I linked up! Your creativity is boundless and I truly appreciate you give that recognition all to Him.

I have a Cody as well--sounds like he adores his mommy! xo

Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks Ms. Stacey! You made my day!