Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Many Art Projects

I have been very creative and crafty lately---perhaps a manic episode?! It is just a busy time of the year with Cody graduating and prom was last weekend. This is a picture of him in the giant limo they rented.

And, as if I did not have enough on my mind...I decided I would have a booth at the Stanton Old Sorehead Trade Days...June 9th. I was probably prompted by the need to make extra cash with a son going to college and all. Nevertheless, my friend Marisa and I have committed to this and we need to get a bunch of stuff done before then. I have a lot of things I have saved over time that I will take. However, I am making some charm necklaces and some more purses to add to my stuff. I made some patriotic necklaces this weekend. Here is one:

On top of all of this and every other crazy thing going on in my head...my sister who I am very close to moved away...far far away. I am having a little trouble getting used to that idea. I'm very excited as she is coming for Cody's graduation. GRADUATION?!!! We are having an after party and I have been planning the appetizers, decorations and arrangements for months. Now it is all coming to light. I'm off from work Thursday and Friday so I can get everything done. Cody gets a scholarship awarded to him at the awards ceremony at school tomorrow at 10 a.m. So, I'm definitely going to be at that. Any prayers for Cody are appreciated as he starts out his adult life.

Oh, I received one of my art entries back from Sommerset Studio with a letter that they have photographed it for "possible use" in the June issue. So, keep your fingers crossed for me! Then I can say I have been published "multiple" times-heehee. I won't share the picture until I know one way or the other so I don't jinx it!

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