Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mixed Media Piece "The Crier"

"Llorona" is what they call her. She is the main character in a Mexican Folklore story. My sweet friend Marisa told me this story and I decided to illustrate it through this mixed media piece. Here is a link to one version of the Llorona story. I encourage you to go and read it and then look at the picture again. It will make sense then.

Anyway, according to Marisa, Llorona is the equivalent to "booger bears" and such things our parents or older siblings might have used to scare us into doing or not doing something when we were children. Remember? You better not act that way or the booger bear will get you! Or maybe I just came from a weird and dysfunctional family? heehee

I created this piece with my prisma pencils, water colors (the shimmering H20 brand) and some inks. It was really done hastily and I think I might could do better now on canvas.

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