Thursday, May 24, 2007

Landscape Artist

Have I told you about my son? My son is quite the landscape artist. He (with some help from his dad) built this awesome (that word is not good enough but it was all I could come up with) pond in our backyard. OMG it is so big and beautiful. My son is an amazing person. Such many dreams. And his energy! Wow. I know he is going to do something amazing with his life. I can't quite explain my feelings for my son. Sometimes he makes me so mad! Then there are times that he amazes me and I love him so much my heart could burst. I am his mother....I created (with some help from his dad-heehee) him. If I can't ever think of anything I did that was magnificent, I can think of him and his sister; Heather. I am so blessed with beautiful and wonderful children.

Anyway, this pond has been at least a year long project. It has had it's ups and downs and so correlates with our relationship with our son. When he first decided we needed this pond...he started digging, without consulting with Dad or Mom.....just started digging. Then, the fights and anxiety about gas lines, water lines, ugh......the father and son fights---yuk. But he kept digging.....he was determined. I worried he would blow up him, the house, us, everything. But, he kept digging. He is so stuborn and would not hear any suggestions. He needed this to be his was like he needed to prove something. And prove he did. He proved that going against the grain sometimes pays off. He proved that he can create the most magnificent creations. He proved that he loves his father (and me) so much because I believe he was creating this pond for us. How can I tell him how much I appreciate him.... (tears).

Now, graduation right at our heels (tomorrow) he has started another pond. "Project Number 2". I wonder what life issues will come while he creates this pond? He is going off to college soon. I think he wants to finish it before he goes. It seems like he wants to make his Dad and me as comfortable as possible before he leaves us. I know I sound biased, but have I told you that my son is amazingly mature and grown up for his age. He is everything to me. I love him.

Thank you Cody! I pray that you will recieve all the things in life you hope for. I will always love you! THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HATH MADE; REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT!

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