Friday, May 11, 2007

OMG Where Have I Been?

This is a digitally altered image of a painting I did recently with journaling in the layers. I liked the digital alteration much better.

Can you believe I went so long without blogging? What is wrong with me?! I have been busy with life issues and though I keep doing art...seems like I can't finish anything. But, I'm kinda pumped up this weekend. I am doing some polymer clay tin containers and I made several polymer clay faces-that are in the oven right now. I just feel like working with the clay.

Oh, have you got the latest issue of Cloth,Paper, Scissors? There are several things that inspired me. I want to do that recipe swap! I think I will do something on my grandmother's chocolate mayonaise cake or her yellow cake muffins. It has to be something about my grandmother. I love Cloth, Paper, Scissors! The cover alone this month is so beautiful. It just gets me so inspired! There is a great article on page 76 about a woman with Panic Disorder and how her art has helped her cope with this disorder. The "Embossed Hardware"...also inspiring to me as I have played with washers and dressing them up with embossing powders-but metal colors like copper. Transparencies...I don't know why I have not gotten in to that yet. But, the article on "the workshop" inspired me to give this a try....all the possiblities. Can't this magazine be every month; instead of Six issues a year. It seems an eternity until the next one comes. Don't they know we are hungry for more?

OK-look for more posts this weekend as I explore the polymer clay world and spirit dolls.

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