Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers...especially mine! I know it's tomorrow but just in case I don't post tomorrow~ I have a card and these blocks. I intended to mail your card Thursday...but did I? No-so I am mailing today and you will get (as usual for me) a belated Mother's Day Card. You will get these blocks when you come for Cody's graduation. I love you Mom-I think of you often.

My friend Renea showed me some altered wooden blocks she had made recently and I was just so inspired. I have seen the altered blocks over the last year but I had not tried them yet. So, I decided to make my mother some for Mother's Day. I thought they turned out pretty good. I made three blocks in graduating sizes to symbolize the three daughters-I'm the oldest so I got the biggest one-heehee. It never changes does it?
I put several old photos of her girls on each one of the blocks. One side of each blocks spells out M-O-M. So she can just turn them over any way she likes depending how mad or happy she is with one of us or all of us each day. I thought she could put them on her computer desk or her window above the kitchen sink so she can see the blocks everyday.
I was inspired to write a poem about the blocks-not really a Mother's Day poem but a poem about these "Memory Blocks" in general. I want to make some blocks and put them in a glass box I recently purchased so people can see the blocks within and be inspired to open the box and look at them.

Blocks of Memories
by Lesley Chandler
When I was just
a little tot
My mother gave me
wooden blocks
to learn my colors
and ABC’s
To build with my hands
and 1-2-3's.
Now all grown up
I still have blocks
I keep them in
a little box
Blocks with my old photos
to remind me to play
My blocks of memories
I’ll Cherish always.
Oh Blocks of time
Blocks of my youth
Blocks of memories
Blocks of Truth
by Lesley Chandler
May 2007

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