Sunday, November 26, 2006

Creative Tools For Your Photos

I have had so much fun playing around with all the fun tools available for tweaking your photos. I created this one this morning. Yes, that is what it would look like if I was a famous artist. They will come for miles and miles to view my art-(insert sigh here) heehee.

This tool can be found at It would be easier to do if you had a flickr account.

I'm almost finished with my kitchen project. I still have to put a poly finish on the cabinets and I need a few more little doodads to put up on the walls. It was a hard pr0ject mostly because of the border scraping I spoke of last time. NEVER AGAIN!!! JUST SAY NO TO BORDER.

I have had the last 4 days off from work. My husband and son went on a little trip together so it was just me and my daughter. You would think that I might have taken that time to relax and "gather my thoughts" but no, I had the psychotic idea to do the kitchen. I am so sore in my legs and back from getting up and down from the stool and from painting the ceiling. Enough complaining. Husband and son coming home today and I am so glad. I'm not a good single person. I don't sleep good, I don't know what to do with myself. I like everyone to be in there little places so I can relax. Have a good week and don't stress too much about the upcoming holidays.

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Jessica Torrant said...

Wow, that looks really great! I've seen images like that on other sites and I've wondered how it's done - thanks for the link. And congrats on tackling the big kitchen project! I need that kickstart to do my own - maybe after the holidays (echoing what I said last year, and the year before, and...) :)