Friday, November 24, 2006

A Little on the Abstract Side

I worked on this piece for the last day or two. That is, in between scraping the tenacious border off my kitchen walls which was not so much fun! Shew! I got some of this stuff that was supposed to make it easier when you sprayed it on...wait 15 minutes and it will come right off! NOT!!! But, I did get a good work out for my arms. Since I ate so much Thanksgiving Martha Stewart says, "it's a good thing". I decided that it was so hard to get off because the last time I redecorated, I probably did not wait long enough for the paint to dry before I put up the border. I also used a border paste because I did not want it falling down. I decided I would never do border again!!! It just makes me dread painting and redecorating. I plan to paint cabinets and walls today.

So anyway, here is the abstract piece. I did it on a canvas board. It is 12"X16". I used acrylics, H20 Watercolors, and inks to create this funky woman and bird. It is funny how you think you are just doing something random and when you get done with the piece, you can see how you have inserted your own issues on art. For instance, there seems to be an essence of time here. Is she hurried? Does the sun come up and before you know it the sun goes down and the moon takes it's place? Time passes so quickly. I think that is so evident to me right now at my age and stage in life. My son graduates from highschool this year. He is my youngest. Sniff!
Today is Black Friday. Do you think I will go shopping for anything?! Absolutely not! I plan to stay home and enjoy my day off. I will paint all day! Not my favorite type of painting ie; kitchen, but I will paint. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent it with family at two different houses. I am thankful for my family and my many blessings.

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