Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Am A Published Artist Dahling

Oh, Yesterday was a lovely day. I received my Sommerset Studio package in the mail. They have finally used a piece of my art for their magazine. It will come out in the Winter Gallery magazine in December. They used my "Gypsy Children" piece. I can't wait to share it. I just feel giddy about it. It means I can say, "I'm a published artist" heehee. I won't share the photo with you until it comes out. I have been telling all of my friends and family about it. It could be a little tiny picture that you will need a magnifying glass for but I don't care because they still put it in their magazine. That means Published! So, I met one of my goals this year. Oh, thank you Lord! Sommerset Studio Magazine rocks.


Nance said...

Oh how wonderful for you Lesley! Congradulations! I have wondered where you have been! What great news! xoxo Nance

BlueJude said...

YAY YOU!! Congrats! I too have decided it is time to submit my work out there. And SS is definately on my list! Hope I get as lucky as you!