Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Time at the Chandlers

Spring has definitely sprung at the Chandler's House.  My little corner of my flower bed that actually gets sun in the front yard has brought up the beautiful pink flowers that I planted years ago.  I got the transplant from my grandma.  These flowers always make me think of my grandma who always had them in her yard.  If it were not for this big ole tree, the flowers would bloom even more and it would be fabulous....but this tree is special.

We planted this Arizona Ash years ago.  I remember my husband standing out in a storm one time when it was just a baby.  He was trying desperately to hold it up and secure it so that it would not get blown over.  I remember so many special occasion photos being taken in front of this tree.  I remember thinking that it would never be big enough to shade the house and that my husband was crazy for thinking so.  Look at it!  It's huge and makes a lot of shade.  Here is a picture from several years ago....take a look at the tree behind the snowfamily!  OMG!

I worked quite a while pulling weeds and pruning the pond area yesterday and today.  During the winter, we put a net over it and kind of neglect the entire pond area.  The nets are off and the fish are feeding!  I love our pond that my guys built a few years back.  I had a fairy family living underneath the tree for some time but I have not seen them this year......yet.

Some of the gold fish and Koi are getttin' huge!

Then, I worked in my little English Ivey bed around another tree in the back yard.  We had lots of weeds that needed pulling.  I like to do that-weeding.  It is very therapeutic to me....calming.  I do my best thinking while pulling weeds.

Finally, I decided it was time to rest.  I went in and took a nice hot shower because my lower back ached.....not a spring chick anymore and all that bending and working muscles I don't normally use kind of gets to me.  Now, fresh and clean, I reflect on my work and my joy at being outdoors and seeing all of the wonders that spring brings to the Chandler Home.  In closing, I have to show you this last picture of the Flag we have hanging in our front until our boy is safely returned from his deployment to Afganistan.

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Deb said...

I so enjoyed the tour of your yard and your celebration of springtime. I'd love to hear more about the fairy family too...hope they return. Blessings on your son today and upon his safe return.