Monday, April 19, 2010

Painted Birthday Wine Glass

I'm just having so much fun with these wine glasses.  It is always nice to discover a new medium.  It is also fun to see that the skills or ideas you have used with other mediums come in handy for the new ones.  I think I have a new idea for birthdays!  These would be fun to fill up with chocolate and wrap the wine glass in cellophane and fru fru the ties and bows at the top.  I will try to make one up for an example and take a pic.  Anyway, this glass is also listed in my Etsy Shop!  Have a happy day.  Remember to carry your creative spirit in all aspects of your life.


Diane said...

I love these--so fun!

Poetic Artist said...

The birthday glass is a wonderful ideal. I also love the the other one from the previous post. The colors are wonderful. I always enjoy your art no matter where it is painted on.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Greetings and good wishes:)

You have a fascinating blog,very colorful,cheerful and attractive.

The painted wine glasses are absolutely gorgeous. The work of a first class master. Your expertise is truly marvelous. I can only sit here and ogle at the fantastic paintings.

Your words are ringing in my ears-Remember to carry your creative spirit in all aspects of life. Here is where I fail. I just cannot be creative even if I try. I am dull as far as creativity is concerned. I suppose creativity is a God given gift. Only a selected few can have it.

Have a wonderful day:)