Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Fru Fru People

I decided it would be terribly funny to create some of my Fru Fru dolls for the Blingin' B*tches of Texas; (The Sweet Potato Queen Wannabes group I'm in).  I imagined they (the dolls) would be like the Flat Betty and Flat Stanley that kids have to send all over to friends and families to get her picture made in whatever the location.

  I believe it is also sometimes a fundraiser.  Not the Case for my BBOT Fru Frus. 

No, these girls are all about fun.  Generally, we as working girls only get one vacation in the summer.  Well, now we get five or more.  If time and scheduling allow, these little girls are going to travel with each one of us on our summer vacations.  After that, we might even consider showing up at your house.  That is if you can convince us as to why we should come to your location.  Also, you would have to swear on  your life that you would send the original Blingin' B*tches lots of pics.  Of course you can't keep them!  You would have to ship them back honey.  If you want your own, let me know and I will do a custom order for you.  

I can't wait to show you the first pictures of the girls on their summer long travels.  

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Amber said...

What a fun idea!!! They are welcome to visit Peachtree City whenever they like!