Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scandal in Fru Fru Town!

Esther and Fred? Who Knew?

Oh my! We have quite the scandal in Fru-Fru town. I was not going to say anything......I found out about the actual elopement last month. I just thought it was not my place to say anything.....but everyone in Fru- Fru town is whispering this and that.....oh the gossip is flying. So, I feel it necessary to explain what happened.

It seems that Esther really did like Fred. They took off and eloped on April 21. (Purchased on Etsy that day-LOL....oh just go with it!)

Who Knew? OK, Esther was the new school teacher that came from the town of Bla-Bla for her first teaching assignment. Fred, was the local banker. Everyone knew that Fred kinda liked Esther at first but she said she thought he had "little man syndrome" and she did not care for him. Well, she must have liked him in private because they just up and left and got hitched! Yep! They got married.

They came back after about a week or so after spending some time in Bla-Bla with her family. What a shocker! Of course everyone is speculating about Esther's possibly being "with child"(oh whisper whisper people get over it.....they are happy....). Anyway, turns out that Fred did not have an eye for Rebecca, he was just being nice to her because her father is the General Store owner and puts a lot of money into the bank and town.

So, let's move on people....it is all just a little story of romance and life. GET OVER IT!!! Fru-Fru town continues on.
Really, how will I ever keep all this straight....it amuses me so though. Heehee


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Crazy girl, what an imagination! Love your wild stories. I still want girl-friend, not FLOWER! LOL love ya, Renea

Kim Mailhot said...

So much fun ! I always like a little bit of gossip as long as no one gets hurt ! I say congrats to Esther and Fred - life is too short to not just go for it !
Happy Days in Fru-Fru !

Funky Art Queen said...

oh renea, you got girlfriend honey. I love ya. KIm, see, you are such a romantic....you totally understand Esther and Fred. HUGS!

Poetic Artist said...

I love them.
Romance in a small town..Everyone will know for sure. LOL

inventivesoul said...

Oh so cool!
Isn't it fun to make them?
I love your story too.
You make me laugh!

Nonnafairy said...

You're unbelievable! Esther & Fred need a FAMILY TREE! Bla-Bla-ville needs to have a CENSUS! Who is MAYOR? Homecoming Queenmaybe?
Love, Prairie Fairy

Nonnafairy said...

You're unbelievable! Esther & Fred need a FAMILY TREE! Bla-Bla-ville needs to have a CENSUS! Who is MAYOR? Homecoming Queenmaybe?
Love, Prairie Fairy

Joseph Pulikotil said...



Very romantic story and the gossip mongers should be congratulated because the gossip has reached Kochi in India:) Now we will spread the news around about Fred and Esther and make sure it reaches all the interior parts of India:)

You are creative not only with your hand but writing as well. Very fertile imagination and after reading this I have come to the conclusion that very soon you will do better than J.K. Rowling.Don't laugh! I am very serious. Only make sure you pass on some royalties to me for making the prediction:):):)

Many thanks for visiting my blog and hope to see again and again and again.

Have a lovely day:)

Anonymous said...

That's quite the tale, tee hee...I'm going with it ;-)

Jamie :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

uh oh.. don't tell Esther, but I think I have a crush on her man, Fred.

Such the scandal!

(have an amazing day, you do silly SEW WELL)

xo, monica :)

Funky Art Queen said...

OMG Joseph, that has to be the most impressive and flattering comment I have ever received on my blog in the four years I have been blogging. I'm so flattered. Also glad to know that India has the scoop on the Fru-Fru people.