Saturday, May 30, 2009

400th Post Celebration

My goodness, I just realized today that this post will be my 400th post since beginning this blog in 2006. Did I really have that much to say? Does anyone really want to hear from me that much? I think YES!!!!! OF COURSE THEY DO!!! SO, I continue on Dahling! I love blogging, love my blog friends, love the feedback, love the creating part of typing up a post and adding the pictures that fit the subject just right, love the give aways, contests, and challenges....what's not to love about blogging?!!! ! It is all a blessing to have this much fun, I think! I will continue to blog as long as I have something to blog about and the mind and hands to do it.

I completed this fabric soft sculpture heart this morning....very early (since I could not sleep-day 2 of the interrupted sleep cycle-probably hormonal and a whole other post). I wanted this piece to have the crackle effect and it does in some places, just not as much as I wanted.....I'm experimenting with different techniques and I am determined I will find the way to the perfect fabric crackle. Meanwhile, I really love this piece. It could be a decorative pillow or a piece of art for a shelf or the wall. I painted the muslin heart shapes and baked them for hardening and distressing. Oh, it is so much fun experimenting in the Funky Art Queen Lab! HEEHEE

It was a lovely weekend, as I got to visit with my mother and Aunt Wanda (Jeanie) who came all the way from Chandler, Texas to visit the family here in Big Spring, Texas. Then, my sister, Rhea and her husband Jesse have been here all week for graduations and a nice visit. We all had dinner at a Spanish food restaurant called Casa Blanca (a family favorite) tonight and had a great time laughing and visiting. Life is good! Hope it is for you as well. Love and Hugs to all!


Joseph Pulikotil said...


Congratulations! Great achievement! You have thrilled and made so many people happy by your colorful posts, lovely photos, artistic skill and witty creative writing apart from sharing slices of your life.

I was stunned to see your first photo. I can only admire it. I don’t have a clue as to how you made it. Very lovely, very grand! Marvelous piece of creativity and imagination! I wonder if you have thought about insuring your brains and hand:)

As regards fabric sculpture art, I’m afraid the technical details go over my head. But I feel like Alice in Wonderland! Amazing work of art and I am fascinated by the gorgeous beauty.

It was interesting to read about your family, food and the lovely time you had.

Many thanks for making my visit enjoyable. I have only one regret. I wish I could have had a bite at Casa Blanca :)

Have a lovely day:)

Silke said...

Congratulations! 400 posts - WOW!! As a new blogger, that sounds staggering, but I am having as much fun blogging as you are! Isn't it great? Also love your beautiful heart - gorgeous!! Hugs, Silke

Funky Finds said...

OF COURSE we all want to hear what you have to say! :) Here's to 400+ more! Jessica

Anonymous said...

Happy 400th post...I love to read all your adventures becasue they are honest and from the heart and sincere..which is so hard to fake..