Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sisters and Friends

Lisa and Renea before fixing up our booths at Funky Finds last weekend. I am going to place this photo in my Sisters and Friends Photo collection on Flickr. Have you joined that group? I just started it a couple of years ago to have a place to share pics on the subject of sisters and friends. What would we do without them? Come and check out the photo collection here.
On another note, I worked all morning on a book query that I intend to send to a publisher as soon as the package I am working on is complete. I have ordered prints of some of my artwork and I am waiting for those to come in so I can add them to the package. I am pleased with my letter. Who knows how this will go but if I don't try, nothing will ever happen right? This is a dream of mine and I intend to pursue it! Nothing ventured....nothing gained. So, wish me luck and stay with me to see how this all goes. It is a learning experience for sure.


Marcyanna said...

Cool Flickr group! Good Luck with the publisher!


island sunshyne said...

Hi visitor here. :) Just wanted to comment on two things:

1) What an adorable photo! and 2) Good Luck on your creative endeavor! It is a dream that you and I share, and I admire you for taking steps to make it happen! I'm still too insecure. :-\

So excited to follow along on this journey of yours! :)


Kim Mailhot said...

What a special and wonderful Funky Queen dream! I will wish you luck and hold you in my prayers that help dreams come true.

Love this picture of your galpals ! Looks like you have a great friendship time, arty stuff, supporting one another and fun !

Happy Sunday, Lesley !

Melissa said...

Wow! Good luck with the book proposal! I love the clay flower pieces - they are terrific.