Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have worked all day (on and off) on these new art pins. Lisa showed me some pins that were kinda like this that really inspired me.....and that was all she wrote. They take so long to make as you have to allow time for baking of the clay, drying of the paint, drying of the glaze, beading, applying the pin backs. So, even though I worked so hard, I only have a few new things to show you. But I had so much fun making them. They are listed in my Etsy Shoppe tonight. Of course they will be with me at the Funky Finds event in Fort Worth in April.

I have recently joined FACEBOOK and I am enjoying it so much. I'm finding my highschool classmates slowly but surely. I am connected with friends and family through Facebook. It is just the coolest network that I highly recommend. As a side note to this, I may be working on our 26th highschool reunion because of facebook. We had a 10 year reunion but nothing since. (I arranged the 10 year) and just got busy with family and so many other things. I guess everyone else did too.

Nothing really new to report. My ankle is slowly healing. I still miss Renea only more now. I am looking forward to going to Fredriksberg,TX with hubby on March 14th. Cody will be coming home soon for a little visit, we just don't know the exact date. Will keep you posted. Have a great rest of the weekend. HUGS


Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful heart pins, Lesley ! The results arw roth all the work, I think !

Glad to know you are doing okay. Enjoy your creating time !

Debbie said...

I just took the Facebook plunge this weekend myself. I'm trying to pace myself because blogging already eats up my time.
Love the pin.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Lovin' the COLOUR that pops right in my face each time I visit... and those pins are FUNKY indeed (too cute)!

Might I be the last one to join facebook? lol (still holding out.. how do you keep up with all that technolog???) *wink*

Now why couldn't your art show be in Feb when I visited Fort Worth???

Timing... ugh. Would have loved to stop in with mom. ;)

xo, me :)