Thursday, February 05, 2009

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day.......I love that song. .....they sing it in a scene on Big Mama and I just saw that the other day. Oh happy day......oh happy day......I love that song and I'm singing it today because we have water again! Oh happy day, I can take a long shower and soothe my aching muscles. I have been taking a cardio class and I'm feeling it. Anyway, we had a major water line break day before yesterday. Did you know that it takes exactly 8 bottles of water to wash your essentials and hair and brush your teeth? You could probably do it with less but I was not willing to compromise any further. Ha!

ON another note, I took some photos of the matchbooks and here they are. I don't know what I"m gonna do with them....probably give them to someone. I just had to make them.

I also took some photos of some charms I am working on for the Funky Finds event in April (see icon on the sidebar). Still need to take better pics before I post to etsy..Be watching for an artist interview I am working on. YOu are going to really enjoy this artist. I plan to have it up this weekend on this blog.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that charm! When are you going to list them on etsy?

Susan said...

Glad you got your water back. Another song line that applies is "You Don't Know What You've Got, 'till It's Gone". Take care and enjoy your day. Susan

Lisa said...

love em. i think you are going to be surprised how well they sell at this festival. like i know...,but i have been to a few festivals. love ya lisa

Anonymous said...

YOu big tease!!