Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fru Fru People

Did I Take a Picture She Asks?!

I made this little doll for Renea and I gave it to her the other day. Does it remind you of anyone? Today, I received an email from her asking if I took a picture of this doll? (heehee) AND, if I did, I should post about it. Of course I did! Here it is! I made this little F.A.Q. Fru Fru so that I could always be with Renea! Funny~! I love making these little FruFrus. I have decided to make them a series. Each doll will have his/her own name and story. I will sign each one on the back (Yes Renea, I know I have not signed yours yet). So, I have 4 (not counting Funky Lady here).

Let's see, first I made "Rebecca". She is a sweet, young lady (17) who loves working in her rose gardens. She has every kind of rose possible. When not working at the general store that her parents own, she is either working in her rose garden or attending social gatherings with her friends. She is a faithful attendant at her church and often teaches Sunday School to the youngsters. Lately, she has caught the eye of Fred, the local town banker. Romance is in the air. More later......



Susan said...

What interesting little dollies, can't wait to see who's next. Take care, Susan

Kim Mailhot said...

Loving Rebecca and friends ! So very cute !
Nice job, your majesty ! Can't wait to see more !

Have a great week !

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

I'm smiling really big!!!! Love your Fru Fru dolls, especially the Funky Art Queen. She will have a place of honor in my home. Hope to see you tomorrow. love ya, Renea

Debbie said...

Cute dolls! They have attitude.