Saturday, December 01, 2007

Homemade Gifts for Holidays

Most of my gifts this year will be homemade. I guess I took the ETSY homemade challenge out of necessity. But, I think that personal and homemade gifts are great! And, just for the record, I really don't want anything for Christmas. I just want the family to be healthy, happy and grateful for all we have. I would like us to remember what Christmas is about and engage in the spirit of giving. Giving does not necessarily mean buying or giving things of material nature. We can give extra time, do favors, make homemade personal gifts, and many other things. So in that spirit....I have some ideas to share for your spirit of giving this holiday season.

  1. Cocoa Cones-I got this idea from my friends Renea and Lisa-here is a great link for instructions on this idea

  2. A special letter-write a letter to someone you love and say all the things you have meant to say but havn't...tell them you love them

  3. Personalized photo gifts-like a fabric transfer pillow

  4. Cookies in a Jar-There are tons of recipes for gifts in a jar. Just google it and see! But you might want to try the recipes out before you give them. I made some really pretty cookies in a jar mix last year and gave them out before I tasted them. I later tried my own jar out and did not care for the cookies. So, lesson learned!

  5. Handmade Christmas Cards

  6. Pot Holders-Crochet,knit,sew, whatever! Do we ever have enough of these things?

I will be thinking on this some more today...I know there are so many ideas out there. Please share them with me. Would love to hear what you are doing for home made/handmade gifts.


Sashibala said...

What terrific ideas! My little sister did the cookies-in-a-jar (and also soup-in-a-jar) one year out of necessity and now gets people asking her if she's going to do it again because everyone enjoyed them so much!

Jeremy Dixon said...

I noticed your link to our recipe for the Hot Cocoa and wanted to mention that we are having a contest right now where you can submit ribbon craft/project photos to win a roll of personalized ribbon...I think the photo above would be a fine entry as well as any other ideas you may have.

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