Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I had such a lovely birthday. Can I please have at least one day that is my birthday every month? So many of my family and friends called and I heard several renditions of "Happy Birthday". My husband got me two CDs I really wanted and the best birthday card ever. Then my sister called me two times and sang two different versions of Happy Birthday. She sent me a musical birthday card with my favorite get down and get funky song ever....."BrickHouse....she's mighty mighty just letting it all hang out yea she's a brick house".......I'm sure the battery will be run down soon because I keep playing it. My other sister called and sang the birthday song and my Mother also called me and left a voice mail and then when she actually caught me she sang it again. My daughter....well that is the last blog entry. Oh, I love birthdays. Everyone should be so lucky to have such good friends and family.

My friends Marisa, Renea, Lisa, and Kim called to wish me a happy birthday. I got a lovely email from my dear friend Marah. Oh, and I have to tell about the most wonderful gift from my friend Gale. Some of you may remember me talking about always seeing one shoe on the highway or streets in town. I even (for a short time) started posting pictures on Flickr about "Lost Soles" the subject of always seeing that one shoe on the highway and street. I always wonder who that shoe belongs to? Why is there only one shoe....where is the other one?

I see the single shoe on the road all the time. I guess it is because I am on the road a lot with my work. Nevertheless, it is a subject that intrigues me. So, one day I told my friend Gale about this phenomenom. I thought to myself, she must think I am nuts for expressing my interest in this 'one shoe' phenomenom.

Then today, she gave me this wonderful little plaque that reads "One Shoe Can Change Your Life" Cinderella. It was the most precious gift. It said to me that she thought about my intrigue with the single shoe on the road. It said to me that she considered my thoughts about this as I explained it to her. It said to me that she knew it was signficant to me. It said to me that she did not think I was weird for even noticing the single shoe on the road. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received and I will cherrish it forever.


rhea said...

Oh, I love getting gifts that comes from people listening to what I have said. That was very thoughtful and sweet of Gale. Love you and glad you had a great bday! Rhea

Rael said...

Hi, I saw some of your artworks in the '06 pages. Are you a fan of Marc Chagall?
folk art and art glass

Funky Art Queen said...

Yes I do love Chagall! I love how his subjects do not seem to experience gravity as we do. They fly above towns, and even in a room they can't seem to stand on the floor! Love that! HIs colors are always fabulous too!

Anonymous said...

hahah! i love that line! i think there's a card in our future with those words on it!

i'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday. you deserve every flying moment!

and there's still one surprise on its way!

love, marah