Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wish we Were Flying

Let's take a break from all the holiday madness and just fly away! A mixed media piece gone digital altered piece. It's fun to play with a piece you have created and create a whole different look by cutting and pasting and digital play.

Tomorrow is Friday.....then, we are off to New Mexico to spend Christmas with my sister. I want to "fly" there now...but, I have one more day of work. Then we will "drive" there. Long, long drive....I would rather fly to get through it quicker but it's just too much money to we will drive. Can't wait to get there. I will have to take my journals and journaling supplies so that I don't go crazy on this long drive. I'm so looking forward to seeing my sister.


rhea said...

And your sister is looking forward to seeing you!!!!! Can't wait!! Draw me a pretty picture on the long drive! Love you, Rhea

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi! I found your blog through Monica and am part of your swap you just posted...thought I would take a look around and I wanted to say I love this piece of art!!!! It is so ME! I adore birds, and while I have never sat topless on one, if it could be done, I would do it!

Are you selling her?