Saturday, December 08, 2007

Frida Kahlo Tribute

Oh, I have been a bad blogger this week. Please don't tell Santa Clause on me. I will try and make up this weekend. OK! That being said, I have to tell you why I have been so absent here this week. I have been working on a project to send in for a call for art for the Stampington Company-Somerset Studio Magazine. I'm so excited about it but I don't want to put the picture of it until I know if it gets published or not. But, I can tell you about it.

I am always looking for new techniques and media to use in my creative work. I discovered the "faux stone" look using Styrofoam and modeling paste. So, I created a sort of shrine to Frida to submit to the "Heroes" call for art. The deadline is December 15th and I just decided to do this last week. I like to live on the edge. I plan to ship it out today! So, wish me luck. Since I have no eye candy for you...I wanted to share these thoughts and news:

  1. "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."~ Hamilton Wright Mabi
  2. You should go and watch this video about the Free Hug guy to warm your heart. It is really something-I love it.

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