Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Study Regarding Color Fundamentals in Art

At the Art and Soul workshop, I had a critique of my art. One of the things we discussed was that I could benefit from taking a basic art class. This would help me gain concepts of color, design, pattern, etc. Right now, I don't have any time for classess. I hate the rigidity of classes anyway. So, I'm doing a self-study on color. I have a book! Heehee and I will do research on the internet. I decided to do a series to demonstrate my new found knowledge in color concepts. This is my first piece. It is the usual funky art lady. However, I used complementary colors, lime-green/red-violet in this piece. I am not sure what the red-orange is considered here. I will be doing several more paintings in this study. I used Portfolio water soluble pastels and H2O watercolors for this piece. I did the funky lady because she is familiar to me. Next up? A funky tree. We will see what I learn from all of this.


Nancy Baumiller said...

I only wish I could paint this well...I think it is wonderful!

Susan Stayer said...

You don't need to take an art class! Your art is genuinely fun and creative and it always makes me feel good when I look at it.

A brief story: When I was in 5th or 6th grade, I made a drawing where things were opposite of "reality." The sky was green and the grass was blue. The art teacher told me that it was all wrong. "That's now how things really look." I'm a 40-year-old photographer now and that teacher's ignorant comment has stuck with me all these years. Fortunately it hasn't had much of an effect on my artwork or my creativity.

I still think it's good to read about art and look at as much work in all disciplines as you can. But you've got a style all your own and I think you're kicking butt!

Susan Stayer